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How to access your purchase

So you've just purchased some printables but you're not sure what to do next?  This guide will help get you started by teaching you how to login to your account, access your files, dowload and unzip them.

This guide is specifically for items that are available for instant download. If you have purchased an invitation, an items that includes personalization, or a custom item then you just have to wait patiently for those items to arrive by email.  You can see our current turnaround time HERE

Are you ready to find your files?  Let's get started!  Just follow the squiggly pink arrow to help guide you!

After you have completed your purchase, log into your account.

Once you log into your account, click on the My Account link in the upper right hand corner.

Once you do that a new page with your order history will pop up.  You will see all of your past orders in the list, you will want o click on the view button next to the order you want to download.

Once you click view, a page with your order will open up and you will see the download button next to each file to download.  Some items come with more than one download file, so please make sure you download all of them.

Wait you don't see a download button?!  Don't worry, there are a few reasons this could happen.

1. Did you purchase an item that has something customized? All invitations need to be created by us and will be emailed to you. Some items in the store come personalized for you, those also need to be created for you and emailed.

2. It is not a custom items and there is still no download button. Did you order it more than 2 weeks ago?  Our downloads expire after 14 days. If that has happened, simply email us at and we will reset your download buttons for you.

If there is a download button then all you have to do is click it and tell your computer where to save it. My computer automatically saves everything in my download folder.  Some computers allow you to choose where to download the file. No matter how your computer works, make sure you know where you files are landing once you download (cause we can't help you find them on your computer)

Once your file has finished downloading, find it on your computer. It is a zip file so it looks like a folder with a zipper on it.

DO NOT double click to open this folder. It is the most common mistake made at this point.  If you do that, you will be able to see your files but you will be unable to print them. Instead you need to RIGHT CLICK on this folder.

You will see a drop down menu appear.  In that drop down menu you will select extract all, or on some computers it says unzip. You can see in my menu my choice is extract all

When you select that, your computer may ask you where you want it to put the unzipped file. Usually it's the same location as the zipped file. No matter where it is, be sure you take note of where it is going to send that file once this is completed so you don't lose it!

I chose to have my unzipped file end up in the same location as the zipped file. Once that task is done by your computer you will see a new file with the same exact name, except this one does not have a zipper on it. The file without the zipper is the file you need. Once you make sure you have all the files you need and the file extraction went well, you can delete the zipped file.

When you double click to open that folder, there you will see all of your files for printing.

Now you can print your files, upload them to your local office supply store to have them print them, or attach them to an email to send them to be printed.

We hope you found this guide useful and informative. Should you have any questions along the way that are not answered here in this guide please feel free to contact us at so we can answer your question, help you, and add it to this guide!