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How to purchase

This guide is here to help walk you through the process of making a purchase in the store.  It will show you how to use a coupon code if you have one.  It will also show you where to leave information for invitations and other custom text.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at

Let's get started! Be sure to check out the pink squiggly arrow, it highlights the important things.

First have some fun looking around the store. When you find what you love simply click the add to cart button.

When you add the item to your cart a new screen will open showing you what is in your cart. You can continue shopping (blue button on the left) or you can continue to check out (pink button on the right)

For this guide we are going to pull ourselves away from shopping and continue checkout.  The next page is an important page in the checkout process.  On this page you don't see the important areas until you scroll down a bit. You may only see your address area and the cart total. But as you scroll you will see there is a section for a discount code. If you have a coupon code, this is where you enter it. (if you want a discount code be sure you are on our email list cause that's where you get them!)

As you continue to scroll you see payment nethod is paypal. That is currently the only form of payment we accept. You do not need to have a paypal account in order to use paypal.  That's why we love it. You can pay any way you would like. You can use any credit card, or you can pay by check, paypal simply processes our payments for us. We do not see any of the information you enter, it is not stored on our site, we do not have access to it. Paypal handles everything.

As you scroll just a little further you come to another important section and that is the special instructions and comments section.  This is where you will write out the information you would like on your invitations, or the text you would like on personalized orders.

This is not the place to request a customization to your item.  This is simply for items that are already listed in the store and include personalization.

If you would like an item in the store to be personalized for you it can be done. Based on what item you would like, what you are wanting it to say and how quickly you need it we can give you a prece quote for your custom item. You should email us at before you place an order.

If you are so excited to order your invitation and you forget to fill in the special instructions section don't worry you can always email us the information at Also if your invitation has a photo on it, you will need to email the photo to us there as well.

You can hit the continue button and your purchase will be complete. Don't close out of this screen yet!  You can download instantly if your item does not reqire any personalization! Simpy scroll down a little bit and right by our item you will see a blue download button.  Some items have more than one file to download, those will have multiple buttons. Be sure you don't miss any!  

Can't download right away, or you closed out of that screen too fast before you downloaded? No worries check out our guide on how to access your files HERE.  That guide will also walk you through what to do after you have downloaded. It will guide you through unzipping your files so they are able to be printed.

We hope you found this guide useful and informative. Should you have any questions along the way that are not answered here in this guide please feel free to contact us at so we can answer your question, help you, and add it to this guide!