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Mini Candy Bar Wrappers

Mini Candy Bar Wrappers

As a mom, I know there’s one thing that’s always a hit with the kiddos: candy. And for moms looking to throw a fun party, chocolate is a fantastic way to win the crowd over.

As a mom who loves theme parties, I know it’s all about the little details, like personalized candy bar wrappers to match your theme. And since I could never find personalized candy wrappers to match my big theme ideas, I decided to start making my own candy wrappers in adorable designs–and share those wrappers with other moms!

Candy Bar Wrappers for Every Occasion

Because a mini candy bar is a hit for almost every occasion, you’ll find candy bar wrappers for…well, almost every occasion! These wrappers are perfect for a Hershey candy bar, the ideal little sweet treat.

Got a movie night birthday? Break out the Hershey chocolate bar wrappers and go the extra mile. Got a little superhero you want to give something sweet? Why not get your candy wrappers a personalized party cape to save the day? Got a little wizard? Make some magic with personalized mini candy wrappers.

Can’t find mini wrappers that will dress up your candy right? No worries! We’ll work together to make wrappers with a personalized design perfect for every mini chocolate bar.