To go along with the theme of Twenty Fourteen, I have a great new printable available! It's a New Year's Memory jar, and now is the perfect time to craft this up and get to using it! The idea is you have this adorable jar set aside, and each time throughout the year you have a special event or memory you write it down on one of the matching note cards, fold it up and stick it in the jar. At the end of the year, on New Year's Eve you open up your jar and read about all of the wonderful things that happened in 2014! And right now, for today only, 50% off! To get started on your jar pick up the printable HERE
This printable comes with the jar decoration, with the wrapper and topper as well as 3 matching note cards that are adorable and decorated ready to write on!
A better look at the jar
A close up look at the note cards (I printed out 120 of them, here's to hoping we get to fill out all of them!)
Here you can see the topper, cute isn't it? My kids are excited to start writing down their memorable moments! And I can't wait to see how many we collect throughout the year. To get started on your jar pick up the printable HERE
And here's to a wonderful new year, I hope it's full of memorable moments for you and your family!

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