Diaper Raffle Ticket

There are a few things in this world that are universally true. But you can count on the fact that babies go through lots and lots of diapers. And you can also rely on the fact that while baby shower guests aren’t always thrilled by baby shower games, they do love winning prizes. Enter the diaper raffle ticket!

Shower Her with What Baby Really Needs

Not only is the diaper raffle tickets game lots of fun for everyone, it’s practical, too. Isn’t that the whole reason to have a cute baby shower for the mama-to-be? You get her lots of those important things she needs, and a chance to offer her and the baby your good wishes. And maybe, if you’re really lucky, you’ll win a prize or two!

The Diaper Raffle Baby Shower Game

A fun trend for a baby shower is the diaper raffle. No, you don’t “win” a turn to change one of those dirty diapers! Instead, you bring a package of diapers for the new mom and baby and enter your raffle tickets into a drawing to win a prize.

Easy Fun for All

As your guests arrive, they drop off their gifts for the new mother. Anyone who brings a pack of diapers gets to enter the diaper raffle drawing with Amanda Creation’s raffle cards. The guests enjoy a quick game, mom-to-be gets the nursery stocked with essential diapers, and some lucky guests win a prize.

When the shower is in full swing, pick a diaper raffle poem that reflects the theme of your baby shower, and there’s your winner.  

Designs for Every Theme

These diaper raffle cards are pre-printed and can match the theme of the baby shower. There are even matching baby shower invitations to coordinate with the raffle tickets. Our diaper raffle tickets make it effortless for the hosts to entertain the guests, practical for the mom-to-be, and enjoyable for the party-goers.

One-Step Party Game Prep

We aim to make this easy for you, too. The tickets come in packs of 20. It’s so simple, you just tuck them in with your shower invitation. Each ticket is the size of a regular business card, 2” x 3.5”. They are printed on hefty 14 pt matte cardstock with a nice smooth finish. It’s easy for your guests to add their name and enter the diaper raffles.

The raffle tickets are a convenient and creative way to make your next baby shower more fun for everyone! Start by choosing your adorable party theme, select your diaper raffle prize, and choose the perfect diaper raffle tickets to be a part of it. Add them to your cart today and be ready for the fun!