Easter Spring Break Postcards

As a teacher, you know how much children celebrate and rejoice in holidays. Why not  send your students either spring break postcards or Easter cards and create a classroom full of happy kids?

Spring Break Postcards Full of Good Wishes

You know a teacher’s job is to create relationships with the kids you teach. They love getting special messages from you in the mail. Imagine their delight when they get Easter postcards with happy thoughts as they head off on break.

The Amanda Creation spring cards are too adorable to resist. Send some bunny greetings on the Eggs-Stra special egg cards (see what we did there?) Students will love knowing their teacher was thinking about them, even during vacation.

These cute spring break postcards will be gifts of kindness for your students as they open the mailbox and find postcard greetings awaiting them. 

Spring Break Cards

Even if your school has family and friends in for an Easter school party, sending a paper card is that extra special touch that shows your students how special they are to you. You’re sure to secure their willingness to work hard after break with this special Easter greeting. 

At Amanda Creation we pay attention to the smallest details because they matter. We stand behind our cards, and if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, simply contact us to return your product for a full refund.

But we know you, and especially your students, are going to LOVE these darling Easter postcards or spring break notes. Drop them in your cart and send special wishes during vacation.