Hot Cocoa Labels Stickers

As any kid will tell you, life is too short not to have great stickers! Whether you’re hosting a Valentine or Easter party or gathering the kids for Christmas, a personalized sweet gift will always bring happiness. And a sticker tag with colorful print takes a cute little gift to the next level.

What better way to show someone you’re thinking of them than with homemade gifts? Grab a cute mug, cup, or collection of jars, fill them with cocoa bombs so they can make their own delectable hot cocoa. The best part is adding cute labels to finish the sweet gift. The printed label makes the gift idea not only sweetly adorable, but easy too.

Remember, kids love cute stickers and these hot chocolate labels fit the bill. These fun gift tags will take your jar of hot cocoa and make it extra special. This is the kind of Christmas gift the recipient will love, no matter their age.

But a hot cocoa bomb is good for more than Santa season because decadent hot chocolate is hit no matter the holiday or reason you’re giving it.

Stop searching for other ideas and spread joy with cocoa bombs! Then use one of our fun, trendy, and totally unique labels with print telling the lucky recipient about their hot chocolate surprise.