Back to School Postcards

 Is there anything as genuine as the excitement of a kindergarten student ready for the first day of school? The anticipation of meeting their teacher and seeing their classroom is equal parts cute and scary for little ones. That’s why it is important to make going back to school a positive experience and what better way to do it than through an adorable postcard.Why not break the ice for your students by sending them back to school postcards welcoming them to the new school year? No matter which grade they are entering, your students will love getting one of these adorable postcards from their teacher. With so much anticipation building up for the upcoming school year, having a card sent to students from their teachers will help them look forward to coming back into the classroom. It’ll be a delightful surprise as they get ready for their return to school.

New School Year, New Postcards

Not only that, but you can use this opportunity as a teacher before the year starts to build those important relationships with your new students and give them a welcome back to school note. They’ll love getting positive postcards before school starts and you can start introducing yourself, your classroom, and personalize your note with the theme of your room for the year before your teaching even begins. It will help with that transition from their time off between grades.We have a variety of back to school postcards for you to choose from in our huge selection of colorful designs and themes ready for teachers who want to send a friendly note to start the year off the right way. Your future students will feel so special and excited for their return back to the classroom. 

A Postcard Matching Your Style

Each of our back to school designs are so fun, the hardest part won’t be all the writing that goes into it, it’ll be choosing! You’ll find in our collection plenty of options to find a postcard design that can match the tone you want to set in your classroom for the upcoming school year. Don’t be worried about the notes though because our school postcards are templates, making it super easy for you.


  Welcome your new students back to school with the sweetest school postcard and start the year off with success in your classroom.