Birthday Cards for Teachers and Students

As teachers, you know that students of all ages, from kindergarten on up and whether they’re a birthday boy or girl -- all of them love celebrating their special day.Because let’s face it, it feels good for kids to get attention on their birthday. Sure, they can get recognized in their classroom by their classmates, but a student’s birthday is extra special when noted by their teachers. 

Make Birthdays Special

Maybe you can’t have big parties with cake and all the hoopla in your school. But as a beloved teacher in their classroom, you can still make the day special with a handwritten teacher birthday card for each of your students.Getting personalized happy birthday wishes from a most awesome teacher lets a kiddo know they are special and noticed. A teacher birthday card from you to your students will cement your favorite teacher status with them. 

Keep It Simple

But we know how busy you are, and we want to make this easy. You can write a student happy birthday card to slip in the mail which they can get from you at home. A happy birthday wishes postcard letting a kid in your class know you’re remembering them will be a big hit. 

Stock Up for the Year

Each happy birthday card pack has 6 fun and colorful designs. Each card is professionally printed on 14 pt sturdy cardstock, making a keepsake for a long time after the birthday comes and goes.The cards are printed with the colorful birthday wishes on the front, leaving you room on the back of the postcard to write a quick note and add the student address. Each card is 4”x6” so they can be mailed as a postcard without an extra envelope and using a discounted postcard stamp. 

For Every Teacher

Whether you’re the math teacher, the special teacher, the science teacher or the 3rd grade teacher, be the favorite teacher by sending the happy birthday teacher cards to all of your students on their day.Birthdays are important milestones for students. Let your students know you remembered and care and want to help them celebrate too. Be the one who is known to all your students, past and present, as the happy birthday teacher. 

Make a Kid Feel Special

A happy birthday card is such a simple and thoughtful way to show you care. Teachers know it’s all about building those special relationships with their students. Those teachers are the ones students always remember as the best teacher.Check out our fun selection of birthday cards today!