Folded Greeting Cards

With colors from every shade of the rainbow, check out our folded greeting card collection. There’s pun filled cards, note cards with fun design colors, from quirky to creative, our custom printing gives you a wide array of colors and options to choose from.

Do you like puns and food, how about saying thanks with the “Thank You SOY Much” card, the “Not to Sound Cheesy, I Think You’re Grate”, or the “Frankly, You’re the Best” cards? These quality color greeting cards and thank you cards full of colors show you know how to have fun and be “Grate-Ful” at the same time.

Want something not quite so cheesy, (see what we did there?), how about our collection of birthday cards, with colors in black, delicate aqua, and watermelon pink? The front might be covered with colors and birthday puns, all you have to do is simply fold the card open and write your personalized birthday greeting!

Do you want great work cards with graphic shapes, silly puns and bright colors or how about a collection of floral thank yous with as many colors as there are flowers? Our paper colors radiate quality with every hue on the paper.

We have a unique greeting cards for any occasion you need! Dream up your favorite colors and there’s a special card waiting for you to put in your cart!