Baby Shower Invitations For Twins Boy And Girl

As a mom, I know that a baby sprinkle or shower is one of the best ways to prepare for the birth of your bundle of joy with the help of your whole village of loved ones. 

But when you’re expecting two babies, that celebration and the help that comes with a double sprinkle is more important than ever.

And of course, everyone is so excited thinking about twins. Your friends and family can’t wait to shower the mama-to-be and both of those bundles of joy.

The trick, of course, is finding twin shower invitations that work for the celebration and look adorable doing it. Twin baby shower invites have to be as joyous as the event of having two babies at once. 

If you’re having a boy and a girl, gender neutral twin shower invites are the way to go, and I have twins baby shower invites that are as cute as a button.

If you’re having two boys, my two peas in a pod invitations are a great choice. If you’re having two girls, there are all sorts of darling floral card options that will help usher in your girls in style.

All of our twins baby shower invitations come 20 to a package, making it easy for lots of guests at your sprinkle. The invites are each 5” x 7” and printed on both sides of the card. This larger sized card gives a big visual impact and stands out with quality.

The smooth matte finished cards are printed on 80# weight cardstock. So, they are substantial, but also easy to write on. Use the 20 white custom-sized envelopes included with each package of invites for a polished set.

Don’t see invitations that match your shower style? No problem! We can work together to design exactly the invite you want to see for your special event. 

Because every shower is unique, and every baby is unique, every shower invite should also be unique.

After all, a shower is your first opportunity to shower your babies with love. And when you have more than one baby, it’s doubly important! Give that mama-to-be the gift of memories for her special day.  

What are you waiting for? Browse our invitations and then visit our other party supplies too. We have everything you need to shower that mama with an extra special day. Drop them in your cart and we’ll ship them right to your door.