Tooth Fairy Receipts with Stickers

Right behind Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny is the pure magic of a tooth fairy. It’s every kid’s favorite part of losing teeth, and as a parent, it’s a way to bring a little magic into this new experience, kind of like a little gift. You’ll be able to make losing a baby tooth or even a first tooth a special moment with one of a kind fairy receipts. Kids will feel a touch of magic when they lose their baby tooth and you’ll be able to keep age old traditions alive with lovely notes from a visiting magical fairy. Our wide collection of tooth fairy receipts also can come with adorable stickers that you can place on top of each envelope to add even more magic to the moment

Isn’t it nice when a fairy with her magic dust can leave the right note behind when she makes her “collection” from children. It is truly a magical memory to keep in exchange for baby teeth.

Don’t forget, no two teeth are the same, and no fairy card should be the same either when it comes to your child. There’s a card for every kind of magical fairy, including the wide array of official tooth fairy receipt card options with each coming in a variety of colorful designs for you to choose from. And how delighted will your child be to wake up and find this special note left just for them in the morning?

All children are unique and you might have a special thought in mind for your fairy cards. Reach out and we can dream up the perfect personalized fairy card to brighten your children’s morning. We’ll customize your tooth fairy receipt’s design to help fulfill the dreams of your kid and give it the certain type of dreamlike magic you’re looking for in a card.

Won’t your son or daughter feel special when they get that kind of note next to their bedside? And talk about a special keepsake for them to keep as a remembrance of this part of childhood. Your kid will always remember these enchanting written notes that were left by their little fairy friend. These notes will be a happy memory that they can always look back on in the future and smile. And don’t worry: from one fairy to another, your secret is safe with me!