Easter is right around the corner. So, get ready to celebrate! And one fun way to celebrate is to give gifts to others. Here, we’ve got the inspiration you need to add some extra hoppiness to your Easter. We feature a variety of our best Easter Gift Stickers that will add that festive homemade touch. Read on to see some adorable stickers that are perfect for all of your Easter gift giving needs.
Bunny Bait Easter Gift Sticker Egg-celent Student Easter Gift Sticker Egg-stra Special Student Easter Gift Sticker
Some Bunny Special Easter Gift Sticker Bunny Bait Easter Gift Sticker Polka Dot Happy Easter Gift Sticker

Don't Forget That EGG-stra Special Person This Easter

What would we do without family members, friends, teachers, neighbors, healthcare providers and co-workers? We’re so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives. And they definitely deserve to be recognized! So, there’s no better way to show our appreciation to these important people than with a cute gift adorned with an adorable Easter sticker. Look at these delightful Easter gifts! These gifts have two of our EGG-celent Easter Gift Stickers (shown here on DIY tags). Plus, these gifts are super easy to make and will be a delightful addition to anyone's Easter celebration. And there’s no doubt that a special someone will feel EGG-stra hoppy with either of these great gifts!
EGG-stra Special Friend Easter Gift Sticker Egg-celent Teacher Easter Gift Sticker

These Bunny Bait Easter Gift Stickers Are So Fun

Are you looking for a fun Easter treat for teachers, neighbors or friends? If so, adorable bunny bait will surely delight! And kids will especially love this bunny bait. These gifts with their whimsical Bunny Bait Happy Easter Gift Stickers will definitely inspire little ones to catch the most beloved bunny around. You’re sure to have a fun-filled Easter with either of these cleverly unique gift stickers!
Bunny Bait Easter Gift Sticker
Bunny Bait Easter Gift Sticker

A Delicious Easter Gift Idea for Some-Bunny Special

Family, friends, teachers and healthcare providers impact our lives in many amazing ways. So, it’s terrific that holidays exist so we can give gifts. But, gifts aren’t always given on Easter. That’s why it’s a great time to surprise that special someone with a small unexpected gift. Just a nice way to send some hoppiness! Here is a gift idea that is fun, delicious and sure to be appreciated! This seasonal chocolate bunny looks adorable in this clay pot adorned with crinkle cut paper grass and our festive Easter gift sticker on a DIY tag. Our “You're SOME-BUNNY special” Easter Gift Sticker features an adorable bunny driving a cute carrot car. Plus, there is a sweet message of appreciation for these important people in your life. And with a sweet Happy Easter sentiment and a space to write in a name these stickers are perfect for labeling any gifts this Easter! Some Bunny Special Easter Gift Sticker

You’ll Feel EGG-stra Hoppy With This Easter Gift Sticker

This original Amanda Creation Polka Dot Happy Easter Sticker is ideal for anyone this holiday. These festive stickers feature colorful pastel polka dots surrounding a message of "Hoppy Easter" and accented by cute decorated eggs. Plus, there is space to write a name which makes them perfect for labeling any gifts at Easter time. These stickers are delightful for making that special someone feel egg-stra hoppy this Easter! Polka Dot Happy Easter Gift Sticker Well, how’s that for an assortment of festively fun Easter Gift Stickers? Show off your crafty side this spring holiday and get busy surprising people with these thoughtful gifts adorned with our delightful gift stickers. Let them know you’re really hoppy to have them in your life!

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