If a Christmas elf is a tradition in your home during the holiday season then you'll definitely want to amuse your little ones with these Official Naughty or Nice Notes From Your Elf! What kids don't love when their elf comes to stay with them each Christmas? Therefore, these notes are a super entertaining way for your elf to monitor your kids behavior during their stay this holiday season. Children will love getting these naughty or nice notes from their elf. And, parents can easily use these notes to help celebrate when their child does something great. Or, they can remind their children that they have some behavior that needs a bit of improvement. All kids will love seeing if they made the naughty or nice list! naughty or nice notes from your elf

Naughty or Nice Notes Are Super Entertaining

A Christmas elf is a wonderful tool to keep your little ones well behaved during the busy, over sugared and often stressful holiday season. But, because elf friends can’t talk it makes their communicating to children very difficult. So, why not try these Official Naughty or Nice Notes From Your Elf? These notes are a super entertaining way for your elf to let your children know what behaviors they are witnessing and whether or not Santa will approve of them.
elf naughty or nice note naughty warning from elf nice notice from elf

A Naughty Warning Note From Your Elf

Try this funny scare tactic if you catch your kids being naughty this holiday season. Your elf can leave them this Official Naughty Note straight from the Department of Elf Surveillance. The card is so easy to complete with its simple fill-in spaces. There's even enough room on the note to write a short description of the specific naughty behavior. Plus, check out the friendly reminder for your child to try harder to be on the nice list. This fun spirited warning will definitely let kids know that Santa is watching, making his list and checking it twice! Department of Elf Survelliance naughty warning

Official Nice Note From Your Elf is a Positive Reinforcement

You'll love our Official Nice Note when you witness your child being especially good. This is a great way for your elf to report the nice behavior too. Our Official Nice Note From Your Elf is the perfect way to positively reinforce good behavior. The nice cards are a particularly effective tool to encourage siblings to get along during this often hectic season. When your kids are going nuts with holiday overload just simply remind them that their elf is watching. And that their elf friend will definitely be talking to Santa at the upcoming Department of Surveillance meeting. So, Santa is bound to hear about each day’s events. And report cards will continue to be issued! elf nice notice

It's Simple to check the Naughty or Nice Box on One Card

If you prefer to use one official notice for both naughty and nice behaviors then we've got you covered. These Official fill-in and check the box style Naughty or Nice Notes From Your Elf are festive, simple and yet still very effective. You can lovingly tease your kids by keeping these cards turned over for them to eagerly discover which box your elf checked each day - naughty or nice? official elf notice

Start Making Wonderful Christmas Memories With Your Elf

So, get ready to create wonderful holiday memories with these Naughty or Nice Notes From Your Elf. These notes are super adorable and an amusing way to keep your little ones engaged and believing in the magic of Christmas!

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