The changes happening because of COVID-19 are so uncertain and many people are wondering what to do about events they have planned. The CDC guidelines recommend that all big gatherings be stopped for the next couple of months. So, unfortunately, people with important events scheduled during this time are questioning what steps to take next. You may already be in touch with friends and family about any of your necessary change of plans. However, if you're looking for a more official way to send the news, you might want to consider sending a Change of Plans Postcard. We have several adorable Change of Plans Postcards for your family and friends. You will really love sending these postcards during this time of uncertainty! Change of Plans Postcard

Change Your Plans With These Pretty Floral Postcards

Our Sunflower & Peony Change of Plans Postcards are the perfect way to let everyone know you need to cancel, postpone or reschedule your event. These beautiful postcards feature sunflowers and peonies. They are perfect for changing an event that was scheduled to take place in the spring or summer months. Sending these postcards is a lovely way to handle a not so happy situation. And the postcards make it quick and easy to let your guests know your new plans. You'll especially love that you can even affix pre-printed address labels to save you loads of time! You'll also love our Rustic Floral Change the Date Postcards! These postcards are ideal to let family and friends know that your plans have changed. The postcards feature beautiful flowers and twinkle lights on a wooden inspired background. These rustic chic postcards are perfect for changing an elegant event that is incorporating country and vintage ideas into the gathering.
Floral Change of Plans Postcard Floral Change the Date Postcard

Poop Emoji Postcards Add Humor Even When Plans Change

Your family and friends will love receiving our funny Poop Emoji Change of Plans Postcards. These cute postcards are a hilarious way to let guests know that @%# happens. Our silly postcards feature adorable poop emojis and toilet paper references to let guests know that changing plans really stinks but you're going to roll with it anyway. These postcards will bring humor to an unfortunate situation and lighten the mood of those who receive them.
Poop Emoji Change of Plans Postcard Poop Emoji Change of Plans Postcard
Toilet Paper Change of Plans Postcard

Add a Little Color to Your New Plans With These Cards

Our Star Confetti and Kraft Polka Dot Change of Plans Postcards are a fun way to let guests know that you need to cancel, reschedule or postpone an event. These cute postcards feature eye-catching borders of colorful confetti in all the colors of the rainbow. The bright rainbow colors add some festive happiness to a stressful situation! You're going to love how simple it is to use these change of plans postcards. The pre-printed format on the back makes these cards a breeze to fill out. You'll just need to write in your event, check the appropriate box for your situation, then address and mail. Oh, and don't forget to add the new date if your event has been rescheduled. We make it super easy for you to change your plans, even when it’s not such an easy thing to do!
Colorful Change of Plans Postcard Change of Plans Postcard

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