St. Patrick’s Day is almost here. So, get ready to celebrate! And one fun way to celebrate is to give gifts or party favors to some lucky people. Here, we’ve got the inspiration you need to add that extra luck to your gifts and favors. Read on to see splendid St. Patrick’s Day Stickers for all of your gift giving needs. We feature some of our best stickers that will add that special homemade Irish touch to your St. Patrick’s Day party favors and gifts.

Send Luck With This Charming Sticker

Leaping leprechauns! Who doesn’t love feeling lucky? And nothing quite says “lucky” like someone special in your life. So, here’s a festive and fun way to give a sweet treat to that special person that you’re ever so lucky to have in your life. Look at this adorable chocolate jar gift! The gift has one of our charming Irish inspired stickers (fits perfectly on the jar lid). It’s sure to make someone feel extra lucky. Our St. Patrick’s Day Stickers are perfect for that special family member, friend, teacher, neighbor or co-worker. This gift is super easy to make and will be a delightful addition to St. Patrick’s Day. There’s no doubt that a special someone will feel really lucky with this great gift! Lucky Buffalo Plaid St. Patrick’s Day Stickers

Surprise a Favorite Friend on St. Patrick’s Day

What would we do without friends? We’re so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives. And they definitely deserve to be recognized. So, there’s no better way to show our appreciation to our special friends than with a cute gift adorned with magical St. Patrick’s Day Stickers. Share the blessings this St. Patrick’s Day and surprise your favorite friends with yummy donuts that are delightfully wrapped. Be sure to add a festive bow and a DIY sticker tag. And don’t forget to use our splendid Donut St. Patrick’s Day Stickers that cleverly say, “You DONUT know how LUCKY I am to have you as my friend”. Any friend would feel lucky with this cheerful and delicious St. Patrick’s Day gift! Donut St. Patrick’s Day Stickers

A Very Delightful St. Patrick’s Day Gift Idea

What’s an ideal party favor or gift for St. Patrick’s Day? A lucky latte, of course! So, WOW your friends with this fun latte gift. Be sure to decorate the mug with a festive ribbon and our Latte Luck St. Patrick’s Day Stickers. Add some fun gold coin candies and a coffee shop gift card for the win! This gift is super easy to create and would make a delightful addition to anyone's St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll definitely want to say cheers to this distinctive gift sticker! Latte Luck St. Patrick’s Day Stickers

A St. Patrick's Day Gift Idea Worth Its Weight in Gold

Family, friends, neighbors and teachers impact our lives in many amazing ways. And it’s terrific that holidays exist so we can give gifts. But, gifts aren’t always given on St. Patrick’s Day – which is why it’s a magical time to surprise that special someone with a small unexpected gift. Just a nice way to share some luck! Here's a gift idea that's cute, clever, yummy and worth its weight in gold! Look how adorable these rainbow candies look in a clear tube adorned with a colorful bow and our festive Leprechaun Bait St. Patrick’s Day Stickers. The stickers feature a charming leprechaun on a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – all surrounded by a border of lucky shamrocks. These stickers are perfect for putting some charming humor into this festive holiday! Leprechaun Bait St. Patrick’s Day Stickers Well, how’s that for an assortment of splendid St. Patrick’s Day Stickers? Get your Irish on this magical holiday and start surprising people with these cleverly thoughtful gifts or party favors adorned with our festively fun stickers. Let people know how lucky you are to have them in your life!

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