A few days ago I shared some awesome pictures of my Cosmic Bowling Printable Party Collection. This morning I got an email from a super sweet customer who ordered the printables for her son's birthday party. She sent me these awesome pictures to let me know that the printables actually GLOW under the black light at the bowling alley! Look how awesome these look!! Look how much fun this party is! If you are trying to decide on a super fun party theme, consider the cosmic bowling party, you will LOVE the printables! They can all be found HERE

Look at how she found some awesome star confetti to toss around that glowed, and the ring around the cupcake toppers is SUPER fun! You can even see the glowing polka dots of the cupcake wrappers!

A close up of the cupcakes..I love that glowing ring!

The welcome sign to his party, love that star scatter and how the colors actually glow under the black light, I knew it was a cool printable set, but this takes it to the next level!

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