When it comes to Halloween I am a HUGE fan of the cute Halloween, not the scary and gory Halloween. One of the houses right on our walk to school has this crazy zombie covered in blood sitting in the front yard, it's so gross and I don't like having to walk my young kids past it every day. Around here we do fun, and cute and colorful Halloween goodies. Halloween does not have to be about the scare. And if you have young kids I am sure you are with me in wanting it to be fun without traumatizing them for life! I have a really cute and colorful line of Halloween printables. These are a great way to add some extra fun into Halloween for your kiddos. Simple ideas to just make it even more fun. Or these are really great for making up fun goody bags for friends at school and neighbors just to spread some extra cheer. Take a peek at this fun collection. You can see everything in the store HERE


Some fun water bottle wrappers. Wrap up a bottle and stick it in your child's lunch for a fun surprise. Or use them for dinner. You can even trim them down and use them as napkin rings.


Tic tac labels and quick and cute. Print them out onto sticker paper and stick them right over the label. Done!


Looking for a non candy treat? How about bubbles! Fun wrappers make them spooktacular!


Are you the awesome house on the block that gives away full size candy bars? Make them extra special with some fun Halloween candy bar wrappers too!


If you are in charge of bringing a sweet treat to the party you can make it quick and cute and dress up some store bought cupcakes with some colorful wrappers and or toppers.


Might as well bring out of a fancy bottle right? Wouldn't these be cute for Halloween dinner night?


Dress up some nuggets with some fun themed stickers.


Kisses with colorful stickers on the bottom make great filler for goody bags if you are making those up.


You can use these cute bag toppers to make up treat bags, fill them with all sorts of spooky goodies! They will be a hit!


If you love the whole collection I have it available in one giant bundle for over 60% off! You can see the bundle HERE

I have a free goody bag topper for your today to use for all your Halloween treats! Just click the button below to download. And don't forget to share a picture with us on facebook and instagram! I love to see printables in use and see how YOU used them! I love to share and feature YOU so don't be shy!


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