In our house we like to find fun ways to make each day a little more special. Some days it’s really easy, like a holiday or a silly national holiday, or a half birthday! Half birthdays are fun for kids. They seem to love to track EXACTLY how old they are! My sons will tell me, I am 5 and 3/4 mommy, or I am 9 and 2 months! When they hit that magical 6 month mark before their birthday we like to make it a fun day. I decided to make some fun printables to make it easier in the future to do this. Before we would just get cupcakes or make a special dinner, but with some of these ideas it’s going to be a lot easier to make the day a little more fun! Take a look at all of the fun ideas I have here for making a half birthday extra special. Pick and choose a few you like, or get the whole package! You can find all of the half birthday printables HERE Or you can click on the photos below to go straight to that product in the store.


Sometimes kids ave their birthday on big holidays, so they want to celebrate on a day that’s all their own. Half Birthdays help make that happen! These cute water bottle wrappers are fun to tuck into a lunchbox, or to serve at dinner that night to make it more special.

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Some cute treats like candy bar wrappers, nugget wrappers, kiss sticker, tic tac labels, cupcake wrappers and toppers. All of these little things are just a small way to celebrate and make your child’s day more special. Even teachers or friends who celebrate their birthday in the summer. These items would be really cute to give out just to let them know you are thinking about them.


One of my favorite items is this placemat. We started this tradition this year. Whoever’s half birthday it is, gets to use this placemat at dinner. It’s such a simple thing and yet, it’s a great way to feel extra special. Yes even mom and dad use it in our house! This printable is sized 11 X 17 and it comes with 2 files. The front, like you see here says It’s my 1/2 birthday, but then the other file says It’s My Birthday. So all you do is send both files to your local office store and ask them to print it 11 X 17 double sided and then have them laminate it. That’s it! Then you can use it for birthdays and half birthdays. It’s awesome! My local office store charges about $5 for the printing and laminating total. WAY less expensive that printing a placemat through an online site. You can DIY it!

I also happen to have a zazzle store! There are so many fun things that can be made there that I can’t make myself! I have created paper plates, a button and a melamine plate in this same theme. I ordered a melamine plate earlier this year to take out each time we have a half birthday. I remember growing up we had a special plate that said celebrate on it. My mom would take it out whenever someone had something to celebrate, and they got the special plate for dinner that night. I thought, well why not have a special plate for your half birthday too! It sits tucked away until it’s time to take it out. What a fun memory and tradition you can start with your kids! See below for the items you can get at zazzle. Half Birthday Celebration Paper Plates 9 Inch Paper Plate Half Birthday Celebration Paper Plates 9 Inch Paper Plate by AmandaCreation
Half Birthday Button
And for fun I have a FREE printable tag for you today! Find someone’s half birthday to celebrate soon! Tie the tag around ANYTHING and see their reaction! I bet you it’s worth your little extra effort!
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