It’s almost the end of the school year! But, unfortunately, the 2020-2021 school year was different. For some students there was less in-person time at school and for many students it was all virtual learning. So, teachers, go out with a bang and assure your students that this school year was fantastic no matter what. And here’s an easy way to do this! Reach out to students with our colorful chalkboard themed Last Day of School Postcards. You’ll love our grade level Last Day of School Postcards to get students excited for the summer. NOTE: Our Last Day of School Postcards come in different grade levels and quantities. So, you’ll definitely find some for your students!

Say Goodbye to Students With Grade Level Postcards

Our Last Day of School Postcards are a great way for teachers to say farewell to their students. These colorful postcards will leave students with positive school year vibes and get them excited for the summer. Plus, they are ideal for students in pre-school through sixth grade. And they’re perfect to end the school year in a fun way. Students will be thrilled to see these cute handwritten cards from their teachers! Receiving a card in the mail is sure to brighten any student’s day and will end the school year on a great note.

Last Day of School Postcards are Great for Virtual Learners

Teachers, you’ll love how quick it is to send these postcards to let students know you loved having them in your class. Plus, they are a great way to send a school themed farewell. There is enough room on the back of our postcards for a short note. There is also a sweet statement, “Please deliver to the AMAZING student.” These Last Day of School Postcards are a breeze to fill out and will save loads of time. Plus, there are large quantities of postcards, so it’s easy to send them to multiple students. We make it fun and convenient for teachers to say goodbye!

Last Day Postcards are a Fun Way to End School

Students may feel sad when thinking about the end of such a strange school year. So, find comfort in the small ways to get students excited about summer. Send these colorful chalkboard Last Day of School Postcards to provide hope to students so they look forward to the start of a new school year in the fall. Our postcards are also perfect for reminding students that they’re important. Students especially need this reminder during the end of such a challenging year! Our Last Day of School Postcards are ideal to show your students that you really enjoyed having them as students (masks and all!). These cute grade level cards feature a fun farewell message for students who might appreciate a little excitement during the end of their school year. So, they’re a great way to send a warm goodbye while reminding students that it’s going to be a terrific summer no matter what our circumstances!

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