Are you looking for a unique Halloween party treat? if so, Monster Earwax is a cleverly gross, super spooky and tasty Halloween party treat! And it's so easy that even your kids can get involved in the Halloween party prepping. Add our cute Monster Earwax Sticker to bring the whole thing together! Follow along for simple step-by-step instructions. Monster Earwax


  • Lollipop sticks (we used 4" but you can use longer ones and sharp scissors to cut them down)
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Lime green melting candy (we used Wilton Vibrant Green Candy Melts)
NOTE: Most craft stores carry the lollipop sticks and melting candy in their baking section. Monster Earwax Supplies


This is not hard! Put the candy melts (start with 1/2 the bag) into a microwave safe bowl and warm for 20 second intervals. Keep warming and mixing until smooth but not super runny. lime green melting candy Prepare a wax paper lined cookie sheet. The wax paper helps to prevent the earwax sticks from sticking to the cookie sheet. Gently push a mini marshmallow onto each end of each lollipop stick. Then dip each end into the bowl of melted candy. Lay each stick on the wax paper and cool in the fridge.
dipping the monster earwax stick monster earwax sticks
TIP: Dip each end of the stick into the melted candy three times, cooling them in the fridge between each dip. Cooling them between each dip will give the sticks a richer and bolder color, and a thicker, gloopy appearance (like the real deal…disgusting!). lime green melting candy

Monster Earwax Treats are the Perfect Party Favor

After the sticks are completely cooled, put them into small clear bags for treats or favors at your upcoming Halloween party. Attach this adorable Monster Earwax Sticker to the bag for your guests to enjoy. Monster Earwax will definitely be the grossest hit of your party!
monster earwax sticks monster earwax

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