Last but not least was the cool cake I made for the shower! I have a secret love of cake decorating. I am not a pro by any means, but I have gotten good over the years making themed birthday cakes to match my kids' parties! The shower was no exception. There was no way we would have gotten as cute of a cake from the store, so it had to be made! I have this cool decorating tip that helped make the bottom cake look like fur, the top cake was super simple, overall not a hard cake to decorate, but well worth the time to add to the theme of the shower. I also found these adorable plates and napkins online, they are part of a 1st birthday monsters inc line of products, so I just purchased the ones that were not 1st birthday themed...they worked perfect with our theme!!

my sister had these cute little guys, so we added them in to the decor!

Well that's all for the Monsters Inc Baby Shower, I hope you enjoyed looking at all the pictures and ideas! Stop by tomorrow to see everything all in one place!


Anonymous said:

do you know where i can find those baby monster inc toys? thank you so much!

Anonymous said:

thank you so much i love you

Amanda said:

You can find them here:

and here:

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