Another cute thing we made were candy stickers and wrappers. I found these cute clear bowls at the $1 store, 4 for $1! They were perfect! We sat out a bowl of nuggets and kisses at each table, and of course they matched the theme with nugget wrappers and kiss bottoms to coordinate!
And think about using these as favors too! You don't just have to set them out, why not tie up a little baggie of these as your party favor?? Simple and adorable! Well...and tasty too!

I also love my push pop containers, so we made up one to put on each table with a cute wrapper and filled it with candies in the shower colors!

We had left over candies so I filled some skinny bags and put a cupcake topper circle on top and each guest got one of these as they left!


Katrina Mott said:

Hi, my mom and I were admiring the Hershey's Kisses Stickers in the Monster's Inc. theme. We are doing a baby shower for my sister and were wondering how to go about ordering them as we do not see them anywhere else. I have looked at other sites and can't find them. Can you let me know how I can get it? Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Noelle said:

Where did you get the mini candy wrappers made?

Amanda Wittenborn said:

I don't have those kiss stickers for sale, those were made for a personal party I threw for my sister. I can't sell anything with the characters on it. Sorry about that. I do have some similar ones with eyeballs and patterns in the same colors just no characters.

Amanda Wittenborn said:

I made them, I printed the design onto full sheet sticker paper, cut it out then stuck them around the nuggets :)

Noelle said:

Where did you get the mini candy wrappers at?

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