Well if you have ben a follower for a few years, you may remember when I shared both of my son's rooms and how I decorated them using digital scrapbooking kits. I am up to it again! We moved last October which meant new room themes for the boys. My oldest chose Ninjago, and it's a super cool room I will share soon. My youngest had that cute monkey room but he is becoming a little boy so the theme had to grow up too. We went with pirate and he loves it! His room now lends itself very well to imaginative play, and since today is talk like a pirate day, I figured it as time to share his cool pirate room. It's not entirely finished but it is close!
This is the sign I made when you first enter his room, it's 16 X 20 and I used my Captain Joshua kit to decorate his room! The kit was made to match his bedding and specifically made so I could use it to decorate with, and it's named after him as well!
Here is the view as you walk in, there's the "ship" and the port holes to look out to see what the ocean has in store!

Another view including his curtains, a matching pirate valance (which cost more to ship to me than to actual buy, ugh!)
Here is his dresser, with a hidden treasure chest, and a pirate ship lamp.
I made him a sticker sheet as a reward system, it hangs right as we enter the room under the light switch. It matches too...cause I like to match everything!
A close up of the pirate lamp, and a palm tree on the wall
The curtains
I LOVE this guy! He's so cute!
A view of the ship, his pirate bedding, the cute octopus and his3 port holes. One has an island with a treasure chest, 1 has 2 other pirate ships coming (good for pretending they are under attack, or that it's 2 other ships in his amazing fleet of pirates) and 1 with a sea monster! This is by far my favorite feature in his room!
Another view of the bed and port holes.
And his bed is a little loft with a slide...super fun I know, so I covered the slide with wood contact paper to make it look like a "plank" so he can walk the plank, or make his brother walk the plank! (That's more likely!)
So there's his pirate room, almost finished. I would like to add a few other things to it, including a vinyl saying above the closet, and adding a treasure map into one of the frames on the wall. and possibly a huge treasure map on the big open wall you can't see, we will see what I am inspired to do!
I created all of the decorations using the Captain Joshua scrap kit, printing them out on large 20 X 30 posters and cutting them out. They are attached to the walls using contact paper so they are completely removable! So next time we change the theme of our room, I don't have to do any repainting!


Lisa Troch said:

Looks great!

~*Bren*~ said:

Too cute Amanda! Where did you get the bed…Matthew needs one like this!

Nicol said:

I have seen this in person and it is AMAZING! Absolutely adorable!

VJ's Scrap Room said:

How CUTE!! I bet he LOVES it!!:) I love the fish under his bed too.Makes it look like they are under the sea.:) A toy box shaped like a treasure chest could work too if you are inclined. Could help him keep track of all his toy treasures.:)

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