So another way I decorated and tied in our theme of knights and dragons was by making some quick and cute wrappers for the pop bottles. I mean why do they have to be their usual wrappers? So what I did was measure how tall they were...which I think was 3 inches, I created a wrap that was 3 X 11 and then I made a sqaure label to cover where the ends didn't meet from the wrapper and there you have it! Just a fun, quick and cute decoration, I printed them out on my home printer too :) Oh and yes you can see Dimple the Dragon even made an appearance on one of the labels!


Karen said:

I really like the colours and images that you used to decorate your blog. Is that a new kit you are working on?


Monkey Toes Too said:

I'd say you have to much time on your hands but I know you don't. That is way more then I have ever decorated. Fantastic!

Amanda said:

No I wish I knew how to use my kits to decorate my blog…it's on the list to learn this year :) I got my blog background from leelou blogs, I am pretty sure she has the name of the kit she uses for teh blog decorations there.

Kyrsten said:

You do the cutest Hybrid stuff. Anyway we could get the template for the soda bottle wrappers??? ;)

Amanda said:

I go a little crazy for my kiddos! People tell me all the time "oh you should totally do kids birthday parties" but truth is, I wouldn't spend that much time unless it was my own kids. Staying up late was worth it for how excited my little guy was :) The pop bottles were a last minute add on, and I had help! Hubby cut the pieces out for me, and Papa helped tape them on…Papa helped with all the cupcakes too…coming up tomorrow (I think!)

tif13 said:

WOW! I mean WOW! Just way too cute! I'd have never thought of this. And I love how they turned out! Just amazingly cute!
You should do kids parties. An I ge the idea of the time thing, but you could probably make some good money, so that might make it worth it… I haven't followed you tooo long, so I don't know if you have a "day job"… I hate that expression, cuz staying home with kids is more work than I put in for 9 hours every day… But if you had a job away from home, you could probably quit once your party planning job kicked in… lol
So, I am dreading this Saturday. i am babysitting my cousin's deamon-child (his term, not mine). She is sooooo smart, and soooo demanding and sooooo exhausting! Lat time it was 12+ hours alone with her (well her 14 yr old brother was there locked in his room but helped a few times… lol)
I can't get her to do anything unless it's her idea…. And last time she demanded we watch Toy Story 2 over 3 times. She didn't really watch it, played all over but HAD to have it on in the background. I no longer ever want to see that moveie. Well, not for a while anyways.
I wish I could "direct" her into playing or crafts or anything. She just wants to play with her toys and color sometimes (which is fine until she colors on the tile, the fridge or anywhere else she thinks will make me mad…)
I can't take my eye off her for a second or she's breaking something. Ugg, what am I going to do… It's gonna be another 12+ hour day on Saturday….
:) Tif

Amanda said:

Sure I can make up a template…can you give me specifics on what you are looking for? PSE file or just measurements?

Amanda said:

I guess the birthday thing is a possibility if someone ever wants me to do custom work for them. I would be willing to do the designing, if they wanted to do all the cutting and assembly :) I guess I can't rule it out completely, it's just finding interested clients right? My main job is staying at home with my boys, but I also teach private piano and voice lessons. I do enjoy the private lessons, and I do feel that I am "needed" in that role since there are SO many private lessons teachers out there that don't do a good job! But there are days when I wish I didn't have to teach and could just take care of my boys, I am glad it is out of my home and most of the time it goes smoothly, but there are some days when I feel like I need to just be a mommy and not try to do it all! Maybe this digi scrap kit designing and printables will take off for me :)
Take a deep breath, you can do it this weeked with your cousin's daughter! Maybe see if you can take her someplace she can run out all of her energy! You're story had me laughing!

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