One of my most favorite things to do, and why I started designing digital scrap kits, is party printables! I love to throw themed parties for my kids, and printables are a great way to get that perfect custom theme! I have been making party printables for years and I have recently dived in to selling my printables ! I have tons of printables that I am working on getting loaded into the store from past parties so check back often! I also love to customize things, so if there is something you are wanting but you can't quite find it, feel free to send me a note, I am sure I can create it just for you! If you wouldn't mind pinning some of these party previews I would really appreciate it. It would help spread the word that I am offering these items!

All of these items can be found in my shop here:


Stacey said:

your printables are awesome, but as I don't have kids – I can't really use them..I would love to see an over the hill kit. my family is being on celebrating milestone birthdays – IE 40 / 50 / 60. so would love to see what you come up with for that!

Amanda said:

oooh thanks for the suggestion!!

Stacey said:

my family goes all out – when my oldest aunt turned 50 we built a coffin and made fake tombstones. we all dressed in black and had a eulogy (funny of course) and a fake will, based on their childhood stories. then the coffin was passed down thru the aunts and uncles along with the tombsones but with the names crossed off – they are all J's so the J remained but the rest of the letters didn't. It was something to look forward to cause that was the big milestone. Now I as the oldest niece is pushing 50 and I don't want to think about it. We had a large over the hill for my 40th too. My aunt sent me a joke gift a day from Aug 1st thru the 14th (my birthday) I couldn't wait to check the mail everyday!

Amanda said:

Oh my gosh, that sounds so funny and FUN! we might have to chat more, you have lots of great ideas that I wouldn't have thought of since I am right in the middle of baby showers and kids birthday parties :)

Stacey said:

you can always write me at when you have time! I would really love to see what you come up with. Black and Silver combo or Black & Gold for over the hill would be awesome!

kweisioua cook said:

Hey i'm having a boy abd i'm trying to plan a baby shower and i doubt i know what i'm doing i want the theme to be the minions can you help please!

Amanda Wittenborn said:

Hi there can you email me at to talk more about it :)

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