It's so exciting for children to loose their teeth! Make this time even more fun and exciting with my Tooth Fairy printables! This printable bundle includes 7 of the Tooth Fairy printables in my shop. You can find my entire Tooth Fairy Printables Collection in my store HERE
These printable door hangers are perfect for letting the tooth fairy know there is a tooth to be collected! Just hang on the door the night of collection to direct her where to go!
These printable tooth charts are perfect for keeping track of when children loose their teeth. They are sized 8.5 X 11, just print from your home printer and fill it in with each lost tooth for a precious keepsake.
These printable party circles can be used for all sorts of things! Use them as stickers straight from the tooth fairy, use them as a seal on an envelope for a note from the tooth fairy.
Have the tooth fairy leave a special note on her very own letterhead! 3 different colors of blank stationary are included, specially signed with her signature. Make this special time even more exciting with a personalized note.
This listing is for a craftable tooth tin you and your child can make together to hold their tooth until the tooth fairy comes to collect it. 3 different tooth tins are included in this listing, 1 pink, 1 aqua and 1 purple. Each tooth tin comes with 3 pieces, one for the lid, one for the top inside and one for the bottom inside. These are designed to fit on an altoid container.
Have the tooth fairy leave a tooth receipt after each pick up! You can add the name, age and date right on there and it's been signed by the tooth fairy herself!
Make sure you check out my entire Tooth Fairy Printables Collection in my store HERE

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