Hey parents, is your child already frustrated with this unusual school year? Does your child need some inspiration to stay motivated with learning? If so, our adorable Reward Punch Cards are the perfect solution to encourage and motivate kids to learn!
Homework Reward Punch Cards Reading Rewards Punch Cards

Homework Reward Punch Cards Are Great For Motivation

Do your kids struggle to get their homework finished? If so, we can help. We know that most kids are motivated by rewards. But, it's very important to make them feel as though they've earned their reward. So, check out these fun homework Reward Punch Cards. These colorful cards look like a piece of lined notebook paper with 12 circles at the bottom to punch each time your child completes a homework assignment. Say hooray to the end of nagging your kids to get their homework done! Homework Reward Punch Cards These cards are great because kids can easily see how close they are to reaching their homework goal. And parents can get really creative with the rewards. So, this unusual school year, let the joy of rewards be your guide. Remember, most kids will push themselves when a reward is involved! Plus, our Reward Punch Cards are nice and sturdy. They're printed on premium smooth cardstock for ultra durability. They are also printed double sided with a coordinating background pattern for added cuteness. If it takes your child awhile to reach their goal, these cards will last! And, you'll receive 10 reward cards in your package. So, you can use them for multiple children or have plenty on hand for the whole school year. Homework Reward Punch Cards

It's Easy to Encourage Kids to Read With Our Cards

Are you tired of nagging your kids to read? If so, these reading Reward Punch Cards are perfect for motivating your child to pick up a book without multiple reminders. These fun cards feature colorful eye-catching polka dots with 12 circles at the bottom to punch each time your child completes a reading goal (books, pages or minutes). Kids definitely respond well to visual motivation. So, these Reward Punch Cards are perfect for kids to see how much they've accomplished and how much more there is to go until they earn their reward. Reading Rewards Punch Cards

Say Goodbye to Learning Frustrations With Rewards

Any frustration surrounding this school year isn't the way it needs to be for families. Kids are amazingly adaptable and they love learning new things especially when rewards are involved. So, when you implement a reward system for motivation, they will succeed. And our adorable Reward Punch Cards will be the core to this success! reading Rewards Punch Cards

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