Keeping communication open between teachers and students is extremely important during this time of separation. Many students are lonely and really miss the classroom. Sending and writing notes to say hello is a great way is to improve this difficult time. So, teachers, stay in touch with your students using these fun Superhero Student Postcards. These postcards make it easy to send a super message during this time of social distancing! NOTE: Our Superhero Student Postcards come in different styles. So, you’ll definitely find some to save the day! Superhero Student Postcards

Make it a Super Day With Superhero Student Postcards

KaPow! From Batman and Superman to Wonder Woman and Batgirl, chances are, many of your students have an interest in superheros. With their superpowers to save the day and their amazing gadgets, superheroes have stood the test of time. So, let your students know how super they are with these awesome Superhero Student Postcards. These Superhero Student Postcards are a breeze to fill out and will save loads of time. Plus, there are multiple quantities of postcards, so it’s easy to send them to many students. There are six postcard styles and each has a different message. So, they are a super way to send a variety of messages while reminding students that they’re doing fantastic! NOTE: These postcards are also perfect for teachers to use as thank you cards for any gifts they receive from students or as motivation notes throughout the school year. Superhero Postcard for Student

Tell Your Students That They’re Fantastic

Teachers, you will love how quick it is to send these Superhero Student Postcards to let students know you care. Plus, they are a spectacular way to send a super reminder that your students are fantastic. There is enough room on the back of our postcards for a short note. There is also a sweet statement, “Please deliver to the SUPER student”. Fantastic Student Postcard

Students Will Feel Like Heroes With These Postcards

Our Superhero Student Postcards are a great way for teachers and students to connect. These spectacular cards feature heroic messages for students who might appreciate a little motivation in their day. Students will be so excited to see these cards in their mailbox. It’s really special to get a postcard from a teacher. This super act is sure to brighten any student’s day and make them feel like a real hero! Superhero Super Student Postcard

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