Yesterday I showed you some adorable pictures of our St. Patrick's Day photo shoot using the cute photo props you can find in my Etsy store. Today I wanted to share some of the, well...not so adorable pictures! You know not every photo comes out perfect, but the out takes...well some of them are just so darn funny and cute, I had to share those too! You can find the photo props in my store HERE

This just might be my favorite picture from the whole day, it just cracks me up! And it wasn't that he wasn't having fun, I just happened to catch him being serious for a moment!

This one screams...are we done yet?

No he wasn't screaming, he was making what we like to call the "ugly face" I am not quite sure where he got this face, but it's his new thing...and well I was lucky enough to catch a picture of this loveliness!

Here you can get the straight on full effect of the "ugly face" just lovely isn't it?

Hee hee...yes we are done boys!
But not before I catch one more cute one of you two together :) Love my little guys!

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