For teachers and students ending this school year after an unusual time of remote learning is a very emotional experience. What should be a fun and exciting in-person celebration is instead a sad and strange way to end a school year. And, unfortunately, this summer will also be different. But, we’re all in this together and everyone is feeling the angst of a less exciting summer ahead. So, teachers, keep good vibes going and stay in touch with your students this summer. There’s nothing better for cheering us up than spreading some happiness to others. So, send these super Student Postcards to help satisfy that missed excitement during the much loved summer months. NOTE: Our Student Postcards come in MANY different styles and quantities. So, you’ll definitely find some you love! Student Postcards

Students Will Love These Postcards BERRY Much

Our Student Postcards are the perfect way for teachers to connect with students during the summer. These adorable postcards feature a variety of sweet and silly sayings in lots of bright colors. Students will be so excited to see these fun handwritten cards from their teachers. Receiving a card in the mail during the summer is sure to brighten any student’s day and make them "BERRY" thankful. Postcards for Students

Student Postcards Are Perfect for Summertime

Teachers will love how quick it is to send these postcards to let students know they care. And perhaps to send a funny reminder that they miss their students "PIG TIME". There is enough room on the back of our teacher postcards for a short note. There is also a sweet statement, “Please deliver to the AMAZING student”. These Student Postcards are a breeze to fill out and will save loads of time. Plus, there are multiple quantities of postcards, so it’s easy to send them to many students. We make it fun and convenient for teachers and students to stay connected! NOTE: These postcards are also great for teachers to use during remote learning or as thank you notes for any gifts they receive from students throughout the school year. Stundent Cards for Summer

Student Postcards Send a Sweet Hello

Our Student Postcards are the perfect way to show your students that you're thinking of them. These adorable cards feature clever messages for students who might appreciate a little happiness in their day. There are a lot of postcard styles and each has a different message. So, they are a wonderful way to send a variety of sweet hellos while reminding students that they are "TOAD-ALLY" missed. Postcards for Students

Staying Connected Makes Students Feel Extra Special

Tell your students that you miss them a "HOLE" bunch or a "WAFFLE" lot. Our Student Postcards are an adorable way for teachers and students to stay connected especially this unusual summer when students may not be as busy. Students will be so excited to see these cards in their mailbox. It’s really special to get a postcard from a teacher! Plus, this is a sweet act of kindness for teachers who have "BEAN" missing their students so much. And the postcards are sure to brighten any student’s day and make them feel extra special!
Postcards for Students Student Postcards Student Postcards

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