So my middle son just celebrated his 5th birthday! He wanted a superhero party, where everyone could come dressed up as their favorite superhero. I loved his idea and so I got to work making some awesome supehero themed party printables to dress up the party! I haven't mentioned it here but we are in the middle of a major renovation on our house! We bought it back in May and knew we wanted to add a fourth bedroom and so we have been busy tearing things down and building and painting, and so my party pictures aren't as pretty as usual this year because the house is kind of in wreck form! But my son didn't care and he had a blast and that's all that mattered! So here are some pictures from the party and you can check out all the fun printables I have to go along with the theme. I love that it isn't specific to any superhero but you get the SUPER feeling with these printables!
Let's start out with the invitation, it gets you ready to party doesn't it? I just emailed them out this year, saved lots of money, that's the great thing about the digital invitations, they can be emailed. You can find the invitation HERE
For decoration I used red and blue tablecloths and made these cute centerpieces:

They were really simple to make. I jus printed out the sheets with the images on them, cut them out and attached them to skewers with some tape. Next I fluffed 3 pieces of tissue paper and stuck a piece of floral foam in the bottom of a vase pushing down the tissue paper with it to hold it in. Once it was in there I just poked the skewers into the foam at different heights and got a really cute centerpiece! I made one for each table, ties it with some ribbon and it was a great focal piece! I have this printable available too and best of all it comes personalized with your child's name and age. You can find it HERE
These images would make really great photo props too!

This was my favorite item at the party this year! I made 3 pans of rice krispie treats and just colored the marshmallows before I added the rice krispies to it. So we had red yellow and blue treats, then I cute out those krunch signs and stuck them in there! You can get the krunch signs HERE and do this at your party!

Here's some cute themed cookies my mom, dad and hubby made while I worked on the goody bag cookies (lower)

I love a good cupcake tower! Add height and color to the dessert table, and the kids love to see it! I have the cupcake wrappers and personalized toppers in the store HERE and HERE

I also loved this clever little idea, a fry box to hold popcorn as a snack and it says POP..ha ha! You can get it HERE

Here's the cookies I did as party favors! I made each kid a cookie with their initial on it in the superhero logo! Of course a matching bag topper is a must as well! They were a hit, and though they took a little time, they were inexpensive and the kids ate them and they were gone, so no one was left with a bunch of silly doo dads laying around their house! You can get the bag topper HERE

Here you can see the dessert table and the homemade cake. I kept it pretty simple but dressed it up with just the right printables for our party! I have all sorts of matching ones available so you can mix and match which ones work best for you, and of course there is a bundle as well.
Here's my 2 older boys as superheroes ready to party!

Hubby joined in on the fun too of course, he's so silly!

Even the baby had a super outfit to wear to the party!

Here's the big guy with his cake enjoying his SUPER party!
Check out the other printables I have to match this set, and if you need something you don't see be sure to email me I love to do custom orders too!

You can find all of the superhero party printables in my store HERE
I have this fun freebie for you to match the party too! It's a POP party circle. You can use it as a cupcake topper, a tag, how cute would it be as a sticker on a bag of microwave popcorn? Lots of fun ways to use this, keep it square or punch it out with a 2 inch circle punch!
If you like this freebie a great thank you would be if you pinned and shared some of the items in this post to help others find my printables too! Thanks for reading!


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