School has started and it's definitely different this year! Our “new normal” school is much less in-person time and way more virtual. And every teacher, parent and student is feeling the sadness of a strange kind of school year. So, teachers, get your students excited for school with our pun filled Teacher Postcards. You’ll love our exciting Teacher Postcards to make it fun for students during this unusual school year. Teacher Postcards

Students Will Love These Cute Llama Teacher Postcards

Students will fall in love with these adorable llama postcards! Llamas are a lovable trend that will definitely bring joy to an unusual school year. And these cute Llama Teacher Postcards will help teachers welcome students in a fun-loving way. Our Teacher Postcards are the perfect way for teachers to connect with students when they can’t be together. These funny postcards feature a cute llama in a confident stride. Students will be super excited to see these fun handwritten cards from their teachers. Receiving a card in the mail during this difficult time is sure to brighten any student’s day and make them feel like going back to school is “NO PROB-LLAMA!” Llama Teacher Postcards

Teacher Postcards are Great for Remote Learning

Teachers will love how quick it is to send these postcards to let students know they care. And perhaps to send a cool reminder that this school year is going to be “JAW-SOME!” Plus, there is enough room on the back of our Teacher Postcards for a short note. There is also a cute statement, “Please deliver to the AMAZING student." These Teacher Postcards are a breeze to fill out and will save loads of time. Plus, there are multiple quantities of postcards, so it’s easy to send them to lots of students. Our postcards are "jaw-some" for teachers to use during remote learning. We make it fun and convenient for teachers and students to stay connected! Shark Teacher Postcards

Surprise Students With a Welcome Back Postcard

Our Teacher Postcards are the perfect way to show students that you’re excited for a fun-filled school year. These adorable cards feature funny messages for students who might appreciate a little humor in their day. Students will be so excited to see these cards in their mailbox! It’s really a surprise to get a card from a teacher. So, these postcards are a terrific way for teachers to let students know that the school year is going to be "DINO-MITE." Dinosaur Teacher Postcards

Staying Connected Makes Students Feel Important

Tell your students that this year is going to be "fan-cactus." Or, reach out and let them know that everything will be "OUT OF THIS WORLD." Our Teacher Postcards are a great way for teachers and students to feel more personally connected. Plus, sending a note is especially fun for teachers who can't see their students as much as they would in a typical school day. And these postcards are sure to brighten any student’s day and make them feel assured that this year is going to be super "SWEET!"
Welcome Back to School Cards Teacher Postcards Welcome Back to School Cards

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