Who doesn't love Thanksgiving? It's a special day to gather with family and friends while giving thanks for our blessings and indulging in a HUGE feast. The celebration is often accompanied by such an abundance of food. So, we can pretty much guarantee there will be lots of leftovers. And (good or bad) we are typically inundated with these leftovers, stuffing ourselves for days afterward. It's a common Thanksgiving dilemma with a simple solution! Here, we provide some ultimate ideas for your fabulous Thanksgiving Feast & Lucious Leftovers. You and your guests will be ever-so-thankful for these super Thanksgiving Feast & Leftovers suggestions. Thanksgiving Feast & Leftovers

Adorable Thanksgiving Feast Invitations

Thanksgiving invitations are the perfect way to invite and welcome guests to your delectable dinner. Kick off your feast this year with these adorable turkey Thanksgiving Feast invitations. The fill-in style of the invites is so easy - just write the details of your event on the blanks provided and send them on their way. Our whimsically wonderful turkey friend is sure to humor your guests and get them super excited to dig in at your Thanksgiving Feast & Leftovers party. Thanksgiving Invitation

Happy Thanksgiving Favor Stickers

Presenting your guests with a delicious place setting surprise is a lovely statement they will remember long after the feast is over. This mini pumpkin pie is the perfect fall favor your guests can either enjoy after the meal or take home for a tasty treat later. Doesn't it look absolutely adorable with its brown twine bow and DIY tag with our Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Sticker?
Thanksgiving favor sticker Thanksgiving tag sticker

Thankful For Leftovers

Even if you gobble til you wobble, it's likely there will be leftovers at your Thanksgiving feast. Leftovers are one of the unavoidable, yet greatest gifts of Turkey Day. How about welcoming your family and friends to the table with these cute take-home containers on their place settings? The presentation of the boxes adorned with our adorable turkey "So thankful for Leftovers" sticker will definitely fill your guests with anticipation of the delicious leftovers that will later fill their box. This is an easy, yet cleverly useful table favor that will certainly please your people. Thanksgiving leftovers sticker Or, why not send your guests home with extra turkey and stuffing in these perfectly practical take home containers also paired with our whimsical turkey "So thankful for Leftovers" sticker? Look...there's even a space on the sticker to write what food item is in the box - brilliant!!! thankful for leftovers There you have it - a sweet and simple solution for your luscious Thanksgiving leftovers. So, after you've sent your adorable invitations for your fabulous feast and when you're busy planning and preparing, don't forget to add your leftover boxes and our delightful stickers to your list. It's never too late to get started on this terrific tradition. Leftover containers are fun, festive and a wonderful addition to your traditional Thanksgiving party supplies.

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