Are you planning to host an ugly Christmas sweater party this year? If so, remember that every holiday party should have lots of festive and fun supplies to make the party a success. But, an ugly sweater party should have even more supplies that make it especially unique. Check out our Ugly Sweater Party Supplies that will guarantee your gathering is extra festive, fun and honoring to all the guests who had the courage to show up in their ugliest holiday sweater. We take the guesswork out of planning the perfect holiday celebration. Here we have the ideal Ugly Sweater Party Supplies to get you inspired. From the invitations to the party prizes, we'll help you get ready for this festive and fun party. Ugly Sweater Party Supplies

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Invitations

An ugly sweater party is a great way to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends. It's a wacky party that gives your guests a chance to have some fun while also having plenty of good laughs. So, start by setting a funny and festive tone for your party with our wonderfully tacky invitations. Your guests will definitely know what they're in for by sending these eye-catching invitations. You can be guaranteed that our Ugly Sweater Party Invitations will get everyone overly excited for your outrageous shindig!
holiday party invitation
christmas sweater invitation

Tacky Kiss Stickers

The only thing that's almost as important as the sweaters at an ugly sweater party is the food. This is not the kind of gathering where you want to serve fancy hors d’oeuvres or a sit down dinner. Instead, offer tasty finger foods and sweet treats in large easy to grab quantities. For example, you can put out several sandwich trays, individual chip bags and plenty of chocolate candy with our tacky Ugly Sweater Kiss Stickers. These adorable sweet treats will definitely help your guests soak up their holiday cheer!
ugly sweater party kiss stickers ugly sweater party kiss stickers

Wacky Water Bottle Labels

Creative alcoholic beverages are fun to have at your ugly sweater party. But, you absolutely can't forget to have water bottles too. Your guests will certainly be thirsty from all their humorous chatter. And be sure to decorate your water bottles with our festively funny Ugly Sweater Water Bottle Labels. They definitely will fit the wacky theme with their saying, "eat, drink & get ugly"! ugly sweater water bottle labels

Ugly Sweater Party Scavenger Hunt Game

After the initial excitement of the ulgy sweaters wears off it’s importatnt to keep your party guests amused. So, keep the ugly sweater theme going with a series of entertaining contests and games. In addition to the overall “ugliest sweater at the party” award, you can hold a variety of other contests so other people receive prizes too. How about trying this super fun Ugly Sweater Scavenger Hunt Game (seen below with our other ugly sweater supplies)? Our Ugly Sweater Scavenger Hunt Game features a trio of colorful tacky sweaters. This game is the perfect activity for your ugly sweater party. Your guests will have tons of fun as they hunt around your party to find silly sweaters. Everyone will love the hilarious categories and this game will definitely encourage your guests to wear their tackiest sweaters for your holiday themed party. ugly sweater party set

Ugly Sweater Voting Cards

These Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Voting Cards are decked out in vibrant festive colors and some very ugly sweaters. They come pre-printed with a place for your guests to conveniently fill out the name of their favorite ugly sweater wearer. It will be so much fun to see who has the ugliest sweater at your party!
ugly sweater party voting cards ugly sweater party voting cards

Ugly Sweater Game Prize Stickers

Get even sillier at your holiday party with our Ugly Christmas Sweater Game Prize Stickers (one seen below on a prize bag of kisses). Give these stickers as awards to the most ridiculous participants at your ugly sweater party. There is an assortment of tacky stickers in every package. These stickers are perfect for prizes, envelope seals and party favors. Or, they are even wild and wacky enough to be the perfect accessory for your guests to wear right on their ugly sweaters! ugly sweater party set There you have it - the tackiest and wackiest inspiration for hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party. Now, go find your ugliest sweater, gather up some friends and grab these supplies for what's going to be the most hilarious and wild party of the holiday season.

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