Did you know that Saturday, August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day? This week we will be sharing all sorts of fun Tooth Fairy inspiration to help you celebrate losing teeth! When children lose their teeth it is such a fun and exciting time for them. This week I will share with your ways to make it more special, and more magical. They are only little once let's make the most of it!
tooth fairy 3
Today I have some fun ideas for ways to hold those teeth once they are lost and they are waiting for the tooth fairy to come and collect them. Take a look!
Here's a fun project you can create together with your child. A tooth tin. Simply print out the pieces, cut them out and glue them to an altoid tin. It's a fun activity you and your child can do together to make losing a tooth even more special!
You could try your hand at making this adorable felt tooth pillow by red roof patterns to hold lost teeth ready for collection.
Here in our house we have a purple fangdangle. The boys love to get this out and hang it on their bed post when they lose a tooth!
I love this simple pocket by SometimesHomemade.com for holding lost teeth. Those things are SO tiny and easy to lose, this is a great way to keep them safe until the tooth fairy arrives!
There are SO many fun ideas for holding teeth! Stop by my pinterest board to see even more ideas for Tooth Fairy week!
Be sure to stop by later in the week, I will be sharing fun ideas for things the tooth fairy can leave!

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