This week we have been celebrating The Tooth Fairy! Saturday is National Tooth Fairy Day! On Monday, we looked at some unique ways to hold your tooth for the tooth fairy. Wednesday we looked at some adorable gifts idea for your kids from the tooth fairy. Today, let's check out some more unique ideas for the tooth fairy!
Check out these adorable door hangers from A-manda Creation. What a cute way to let the tooth fairy know she needs to make a stop in your child's room.
Look at this list by HubPages of great books to read the night before the tooth fairy come!
Look at this adorable Pirate Tooth Fairy pillow by Little Doll Closet that is perfect for holding your child's tooth while waiting for the tooth fairy to collect it. It can be personalized as well!
It's so exciting for children to loose their teeth! Make this time even more fun and exciting with Tooth Fairy printables by A-manda Creation! This printable bundle includes 7 of the Tooth Fairy printables in my shop. You will receive:
Tooth Fairy Tooth Tin project
Tooth Fairy, I lost a tooth stickers
Tooth Fairy Stationary
Tooth Receipts
Tooth Fairy Door Hangers
Tooth Fairy Party Circles
Tooth Fairy tooth chart.
Check out this adorable idea! A Tooth Fairy Door by Shesmakingcards. How cute is this.
So as you can see there are so many ways to celebrate the tooth fairy. Make sure you check out Monday's Blog Post for cute Tooth Fairy Tooth holders. And Wednesday's blog post for cute tooth fairy gift ideas. Also make sure you head over to Pinterest and check out my tooth fairy board for more great ideas!

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