It's always so much fun to start a beloved tradition when your kids lose their first tooth! However, deciding what tradition to start is the hard part. So, consider our adorable Tooth Fairy Receipts to create that perfect childhood tradition! The Tooth Fairy typically leaves a small monetary gift for children who put baby teeth under their pillows. Kids really look forward to this stage and it's the perfect time to create a unique and memorable tradition. Check out these adorable Tooth Fairy Receipts. They are a delightful way for families to welcome this magical time in a child's life! Official Tooth Fairy Receipts

A Receipt for Your Child's Tooth

Use our official Tooth Fairy Receipts for a whole lot of memorable fun! These special cards can be left in your child’s bedroom as a perfect remembrance of the big event. Include your child’s name, the date, a description of how the tooth was lost and the quality of the tooth received. Plus, you'll love the added touch of the adorable sticker saying, "the Tooth Fairy was here". Imagine how exciting it will be for your child to find this delightful card under their pillow after leaving their tooth for the Tooth Fairy! Official Tooth Fairy Receipts

Losing a Tooth is Exciting for Kids

Making a big deal over a lost tooth is a lot of fun! And, our unique Tooth Fairy Receipts are simple and make the magic of loosing teeth extra exciting. These receipts will provide loads of enjoyment and are easy to complete (and convince!). So, no kid will ever question the Tooth Fairy’s existence. The fill-in spaces give you plenty of room to write. Plus, you can circle the quality of the tooth and it's even signed by the tooth fairy herself! And, there's no need to hunt for just the right size envelope for our cards. We include 10 classic white envelopes that are specially sized to fit your Tooth Fairy Receipts perfectly. We also include matching stickers to seal the envelopes for an extra touch of fun! Official Tooth Fairy Receipts

These Cards Are Tooth Fairy Certified

If you give one of our official receipts, your child won’t question if the Tooth Fairy is real and where any money comes from. So, use one of our cute and clever Tooth Fairy Receipts with a couple of dollars and you will have your child convinced! NOTE: Kids are perceptive, and may recognize your handwriting, so have a friend or neighbor write in the information on the receipt. :) Official Tooth Fairy Receipts

Kids Will Love Tooth Fairy Receipts

So, once your child begins to notice the first signs of a wiggly tooth, and you start to ask yourself a lot of questions about how to be the Tooth Fairy. Just remember these truly creative Tooth Fairy Receipts for a fun and memorable tradition that will provide inspiration for creating tooth fairy magic in your own home.

Tooth Fairy Receipts

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