I LOVE school supplies! The office store is a dangerous place for me to go, I love fun colored pens, the crayon isle, new notebooks, all of it! I especially love unique things you can't find easily, things that make the average item just a little more fun. If you have to use school supplies, they might as well make you smile when you use them right? Here are some really fun and unique school supplies I came across this year! Try incorporating something silly into your everyday to make it more special!

1. Love this cute chameleon tape dispenser with the tape looking like his tongue, so silly it makes me giggle!

2. These rock shape crayons are too cute. They're rocks, they're crayons...love them!

3. Make your own chalkboard bag How cute is this for writing little notes to your kids (or spouse) each day!

4. A floppy disk blank mini notebook, do kids these days even know what these are?

5. Peel some InAnimate stickers and place 'em on everything to bring them to life! These are my favoite!

6. BIC Xtra Fun Pencils I got 2 packs of these to test out and the kids went wild for them. They are just pencils, but with a little extra fun of being two toned!

7. Launch notes to your friends + co-workers with this desktop catapult. Why send an email when ou can catapult your message across the room?

8. Two cute sharkie gel pens, I mean if you're going to use a pen, it might as well be a shark right?

9. Ketchup and Mustard retro styled pen and highlighter set is way more fun than your typical pack of highlighters!!

So there you have it! Some seriously fun and silly back to school supplies. Things don't' have to be boring, especially when there are products like these out there to be found!!

Here's a silly joke to tell someone today....

What's the King of all school supplies?

A: The Ruler

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