Are you looking for a fun way to add some extra love to your upcoming Valentine’s Day party favors? Are you also tired of sticking dull store bought stickers to your uniquely crafted gifts? If so, you’ll love our heart-warming stickers for all of your gift giving needs. Here, we feature some of our best Valentine’s Day Stickers that will add that special homemade loving touch to all your party favors and gifts.

Valentine’s Day Stickers for Basketball Lovers

Your child will be the star of the class with these adorable basketball loving Valentine’s Day Stickers! Here are two fun ideas for super cute favors paired with our fan favorite stickers to make this the easiest Valentine’s Day ever. If your child loves basketball then these stickers are definitely a winner! These fun stickers feature a colorful all star background and a cool basketball. They are definitely a great way to say “Valentine, you're a SLAM DUNK!" Valentine's Day Stickers These Soccer Valentine's Day Stickers feature a soccer ball and a cute background with green, purple and blue stars and stripes. What a perfect way to say, “I get a KICK out of you, Happy Valentine's Day!" Soccer Valentine's Day Stickers

Cerealously Cute Valentine’s Day Stickers

Don’t you just love this awesome Valentine’s Day party favor idea? If so, these are super easy and fun favors for your child’s Valentine’s Day classroom party. Plus, they are non-candy treats which is always a win for parents and teachers. Just buy small containers and add some colorful cereal and adorn them with adorable DIY gift tags. Then, embellish the gift tags with our whimsically eye-catching Breakfast Cereal Valentine's Day Stickers. These treats make such cute and memorable Valentine’s Day party favors. And this has to be one of the sweetest ways to say, “You're a CEREALOUSLY great friend!" Cereal Valentine's Day Stickers

Valentine’s Day Stickers That Kids Will Love

What’s the best party favor for Valentine’s Day? Something sweet, of course! So, WOW your child’s classmates with these adorable and delicious bubble gum party favors. Be sure to decorate the bubble gum plastic dispensers with our “I love you SLOW much!" Valentine's Day Stickers (they fit perfectly on top!). These treats are super easy to make and will be the most loved additions to the Valentine’s Day party. There’s no doubt that these favors will definitely provide some special party pop! Valentine's Day Stickers

Spread the Love With This Smart Cookie Sticker

Here’s a cute and simple way to tell that special someone that they are a smart cookie. And Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to spread some sweet love. Our “smart cookie” gift idea is absolutely adorable and so fabulously flavorful. These colorfully fun stickers fit perfectly on the top of small treat bags. These loving Smart Cookie Valentine's Day Stickers make this gift an extra delightful surprise for that special someone. Any favorite friend, neighbor or teacher would be thrilled to receive this tasty treat! Valentine's Day Stickers

A Donut is a Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift

Donut know what we would do without friends, neighbors and teachers?! We have such amazing people in our lives that deserve to be recognized. And there’s no better way to show love and appreciation to special people than with cute gifts for Valentine’s Day. So, surprise others with delicious donuts in a delightfully wrapped bag. Then, add a festive bow and a DIY tag with this Donut Valentine's Day Sticker. Anyone would love the extra touch that comes with this lovable Valentine’s Day gift! Valentine's Day Stickers

What Kid Wouldn’t Love a Gamer Valentine's Day Sticker?

Valentine’s goodies never looked so cool! Give classmates, family or friends awesome treats with our cute and trendy Gamer Valentine’s Day Stickers. These gamer stickers feature a hip gaming remote and a cool patterened background. Our fun stickers are perfect for sticking onto goodie bags, candy boxes, lollipops, candy bars or cupcake toppers for instant Valentine’s Day treats! Valentine's Day Stickers

This School Themed Favor Will be the Hit of the Class Party

Make Valentine’s Day fabulous for the kids with these one of a kind stickers! Our eye-catching You’ve Got The Right Stuff Valentine's Day Stickers feature a silly pun, tons of pencils and a cute border of festive hearts. Pair these awesome stickers with super cool containers of candy for easy and amazing favors. They will definitely be the hit of the classroom and there’s no better way to say, “You've got the WRITE STUFF!” Valentine's Day Stickers No Valentine’s Day is complete without stickers! And our awesome variety of Valentine’s Day Stickers makes gift-giving super easy. So, get started and use any one of these adorable stickers to decorate your party favors and gifts. A sticker-filled Valentine’s Day is definitely one you will love!

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