What you will need:
-printed printable (example: bottle wrappers)
-scissors or paper trimmer
Step 1: You found your favorite, St. Patty's Day water bottle or other beverage bottle. You do the easy purchasing step.
Step 2: Download your purchase. (Be sure to remember where you saved it, usually, it's just in "downloads" unless you move it.)
Step 3: The easiest method to use is, right click, open the download in "preview".
Step 4: Print it out. (Keep the quality of print in mind, too.)
Step 5: Cut or use a paper trimmer for your wrappers. I cut the example out at different widths. You may need a slimmer or wider width depending on your bottle. Strategically cut along the line or give yourself some white space. This gives you more versatility.
Step 6: Apply the wrapper around the label of your bottle or take the existing label off first if you see too much of it or if you see through the newly printed wrapper, center the design and wrap it around the bottle.
Step 7: Fasten with clear tape. You could cut off extra if necessary,.
Was that easy or what?! You can literally, download, print, cut and tape in under 15 minutes! What a great way to add a personal touch or to brighten up everyday objects.


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