Bring A Book Instead Of A Card

Are you planning a baby shower to to honor a mama-to-be and her bundle of joy? Looking for ways to make the event meaningful for all involved?

One great way to not only help the family-to-be is to suggest that instead of a card, baby shower guests bring a book instead. These baby books not only take the place of the cards that won’t have lasting meaning, but they set up a special library for babies, too. Every mama wants to raise a bright baby who loves to read. With a book, baby shower guests can help!

Your guests will be excited to reminisce about their favorite childhood books when you ask them to bring books for baby instead of a card. Once they start thinking of book ideas, the hardest part might be bringing only one!

These gift books will last through childhood, making them more special than a greeting card ever could be! Imagine knowing you helped make this baby a child who loves to read as they grow up.

We have special and coordinating “Bring a Book Instead” cards that match each fun collection of baby shower invitations. Be a part of creating a baby's special book collection and have your guests offer a book instead of the traditional card.

It’s really so easy to do. You send out your baby shower invitation, then insert one of our bring baby a book cards with the invite. They can pick up a baby book as they shop for their shower gift.

Every hostess wants their baby showers to be practical and useful for the future mama-to-be. When you ask your guests to bring a book instead of a card, you’re not only helping to build a bright child who loves books down the road. You’re also not wasting money on a card that will likely get cast aside as soon as the shower is over.

A baby shower book will be cherished and be a part of the baby's first little library in their nursery. It’s a sweet and lovely thought to imagine someday this little bundle of joy listening to and looking at the book you bought for them.

Check out our book cards today. Your shower guests will love the suggestion to bring a book instead of a card, confident that they are building a baby's first little library, something both mom and baby will cherish forever.

Choose from our selection of adorable insert cards and add them to your cart today for a book baby shower everyone will remember fondly.