Birthday Certificates Game Favors

If you’re a parent planning a birthday celebration, you know how challenging finding a creative gift bag is for kids. Have we got an idea for you to recognize the special day! How about using personalized birthday certificates attached to a new furry friend? Fake furry friend, of course!

These birthday certificates happily announce the adoption of anything from a party llama, to cutie pie kitty, jungle animals and every other kind of furry friend ready to help celebrate the birthday fun.

You could use a printable birthday certificate for puppies? Maybe your child wants a silly monster theme, we have a birthday certificate for that too. How about letting the guests pick their birthday certificate with a lot of cute animal choices?

The printables allow you to personalize the certificate with fill in the blank templates about their animal birthday adoption.

Add this festive idea to the balloons, family, and birthday fanfare and you’ll have your young guests happy and celebrating long after the party comes to an end.The best part is they leave with a birthday certificate and furry adopted friend to remember the special long into the future.

Don’t sweat your next party, get a set, use a birthday certificate to send home the best thank you birthday gift ever.