Birthday Kiss Stickers

Who doesn’t love a kiss? Who doesn’t really love a birthday kiss? Who doesn’t downright adore a chocolate kiss?

Whether you are celebrating a special birthday, from a 1st birthday to a 90th birthday (and really all of them in between), why not add some chocolate kisses to your celebration?

Chocolate Kiss Party Decor

Adding chocolate kisses with a special kiss sticker on the bottom is a delightful little addition to any celebration. 

The stickers come in sets of 240 stickers, so you’ll have plenty to decorate and hand out. These special stickers are printed with a smooth gloss, slightly shiny finish on heftier 60# cardstock. 

There really couldn’t be an easier way to add some sweetness to your birthday celebrations. Simply peel the sticker and add to the chocolate treat! Your guests will love the little touch (and the chocolate, of course!)

Add Some Birthday Kiss Sweetness to Your Celebrations

These little stickers fit perfectly on the bottom of chocolate kisses. But they also work great on the bottom of a peanut butter cup or even a chocolate mint. 

Use them as party favors in goodie bags or boxes. You could sprinkle them on your tables as part of your decor. They can even be a part of a gift tag. 

All your birthdays will be special with the kiss stickers. Add them to your cart today.