Waterproof Water Bottle Labels

As a mom who loves a themed birthday party, I know that the little custom details make a big difference, like a personalized water bottle label. I also know the struggle to find party supplies that perfectly match with each of my big ideas.

Because we all know we’re going to need water bottles at the party. Why not have a little fun with custom water bottle labels and make it a unique part of your party experience.

Whatever your kid’s style or color wish, I guarantee you’ll find labels to match your event, whether it’s for birthday parties, baby showers, or any special occasion.

Trendy Birthday Water Bottle Labels

I wanted to see waterproof water bottle labels that were cute, trendy, and unlike anything else on the market. Our water bottle labels aren’t just specific to birthday parties, you can use them for any type of celebration. Having a party for a dog lover? Check out our dog-gone good time products.

Are you hosting animal adoption as part of your kid’s birthday? There’s one to match! Need waterproof labels that’s a bit more fantastical for an imaginative kid’s birthday party? Try the under the sea adventure label. Who knew labeling bottles could be so much fun?

Don’t see a personalized bottle label design on this page that matches your upcoming theme? No worries! We’ll work together to create your own personalized water bottles. On top of that, there’s no need to worry about the labels getting soggy, our labels are made out of waterproof material and have moisture protection. 

So, let me help with your next event, baby shower, wedding, summer party, we have the perfect products for whatever event you’re planning. Get those party bottle labels in your cart today!