I came across this adorable printable from The Dating Divas and I knew I had to use it for me and hubby. I have often thought about making one of those frames that says I love you because, and writing on it each day and erasing it, but then I saw this and knew this was way better and exactly what I was looking for!

I love to find fun and unique ways to celebrate everything, my love for hubby being one of them! So I saw these posters, I picked out the I love you because poster and had it printed at my local office store.

I had it printed as an engineering print and it cost $3.59 to have it printed! It's 24 X 36 so it's a great size. So for under $5 I have a fun way for hubby and I to share reasons we love each other!

I hung up my poster on the back wall of our closet, and so we can write on it when we are feeling inspired. I imagine after years of it hanging there it will be so full and fun looking, we can frame it and hang it somewhere else in the house.

Head over there and pick up the free printable and hang up your poster too! And if you do, share it with us!!


Stacey said:

what an awesome thing to do! Our anniversary was July 29th (23yrs) I think this is perfect!

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