It's time for Back to School! New clothes, new backpacks, school supplies! Make sure you capture those Back to School Moments with the perfect photo! Here you will find some ideas to make those 1st Day of School photos the best that they can be! One of my favorite ideas is a custom chalkboard sign for your little one. I have a few different ones available to choose from in my store. Below you can see some cuties with their sign, it features all of their current favorite things as they start the new school year. It's a perfect way to capture a bunch of memories all in one photo!
You can find this sign HERE
A fun more girlie version can be found HERE
This one with all of their favorites featured in the photos above can be found HERE
Another way to catch the moment with the perfect photo is to add text to your photo. Find an interesting or solid background – like the side of your house, or an empty wall – to take your first day of school photo. Frame it so your child stands off to one side to leave some space for your text.
Inspired by the opening credits of Modern Family, a picture within a picture shot is a wonderful way to celebrate all types of milestones (think anniversaries, birthdays, even generations!) You can try this with a picture on the first and last day of each school year or have your senior hold a photo from kindergarten on his last day of high school!
Use some Crayola Sidewalk chalk to write out the grade and voila you have a great Back to School photo prop!
Simply grab some props and your Back to School photos turn out awesome!
Here's another cute set of premade 1st Day signs from preschool all the way through high school, and a matching freebie that can be used for all of your kids this year!
Find this set of signs HERE
Enjoy this FREE printable first day of school sign! Share of photo using it and if I feature your photo you will get a coupon for 50% off your next order! If you like it, pin it to share with friends!
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