It's time to throw an awesome Cookie Exchange or Cookie Decorating Party! Whether your party is at home, or out, these printables will help set the mood and coordinate your theme throughout every last detail of your party! You can find the entire Cookie Exchange Printables Collection in my store HERE. These nugget wrappers make the cutest party favors. Check out these adorable awards for the prettiest packaging at your next Cookie Exchange Party. Print out these beautiful recipe cards and share your award winning cookie exchange recipe with all your friends! These cards have room to fill in the title of the cookie, ingredients and directions as well as whose kitchen the recipe is from! Everyone will love getting such a festive recipe card! You will love having these on hand to label each entry! These folded cards come labeled with numbers 1-20, and if you have more than 20 participants in your cookie exchange..well you better invite me too! Just print these out, cut them out and fold them. Use them to label each plate of cookies so when guests vote on the tastiest they know which number to pick! What a cute way to decorate your bottles with these bottle labels. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Host an awesome cookie exchange and have guests vote on their favorite cookies! The 4 categories to vote on are, best looking, best tasting, most unique and prettiest packaging! Then included is a 5 X 7 award certificate for each category as well as an award ribbon for each winner too! Guests will love being able to vote, and especially winning a fun certificate! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for great Cookie Exchange ideas and so much more! CookieExchangeFooter

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