As a business owner you are always looking for ways to market yourself, ways to stand out from the crowd and ways to have your clients remember you so when they need your services they will come back to you. I have some fantastic ideas for client gifts and marketing materials that aren't you usual go to items. These things will definitely help you stand out from the crowd and show your clients you care. If you are interested in ordering any of these items please email me at and we can talk about the different services I offer. Let's jump right in and I'll show you some ideas! Wine bottle tags: DSC_0774 DSC_0775 DSC_0776 DSC_0778 DSC_0777 Such a quick and simple thing. Why give just a bottle of wine when you can dress it up and include all of your business contact information on the tag too! These are just a sampling of fun designs that can be done. Everything can be customized for your business. I can use you logo, or special colors that go along with your brand. The message can be anything you want it to be. The gift of a movie night: DSC_0816 DSC_0771 Did you know you can purchase redbox movie codes? They are SUPER cheap too! 5 for $7.50! Head HERE to check that out on the redbox site. I have some really cute certificates to print out and give to clients. They have fun sayings on them like Merry Christmas to all and to all a movie night, or grab some popcorn, snuggle in tight, it's time for a movie night! You then just add a code onto each one, your business information is right on there too so they have to carry it around with them until they go and grab a movie on you! You can also wrap up some microwave popcorn as a fun gift to give to your clients. Again its personalized with your business information on it and it's a cute way to show them you appreciate their business. Stay germ free: DSC_0796 DSC_0786 Hand sanitizer is a practical gift to give. No one is going to throw away a perfectly good bottle of hand sanitizer right?! Whether it's a mini bottle or a full size bottle, with a clever saying on there along with your business contact information it makes a great gift to give. It will be sitting out until it's gone! And that's a long time for your information to be passing their eyeballs! Give a cup of cheer: DSC_0789 DSC_0790 DSC_0788 DSC_0787 These cute, interactive hot cocoa packet wrappers are a fun gift to give. Just give a little pull on the ribbon and the hot cocoa packet comes sliding out. The fun saying of your business warms my heart gets your message across, and it's memorable. Wouldn't you like to get a cut of hot cocoa and told you warm someone's heart? I would! DSC_0797 DSC_0798 DSC_0799 DSC_0800 These mini coffee cups are so cute! And small! At just 4 ounces each they are the tiniest coffee cups you have ever seen. But they are big enough to hold some treats or a tiny gift card from starbucks. I filled someone with some nuggets that matched the outside of the cup. I created a design that can be used year round, a winter-y one and a more holiday-ish one with the candy cane. And designs can be made for any time of the year. Working with a special client around Valentine's Day, let's change it up to go along with that! The possibilities are endless, these are just starting points. I can make fun things that work just for you, and they will be one of a kind. DSC_0811 DSC_0809 DSC_0807 DSC_0805 DSC_0804 Almost everyone has a Keurig machine now. Give a K-Cup in a fun way! They are inexpensive so you can give to lots of clients. When you give them in such a cute way they will taste better! It's true, it always tastes better when it's cute. DSC_0769 Another simple drink is just to wrap up those tasty Starbucks frappucinnos with a cute wrapper. These are my personal favorite so if anyone gave me one they would be tops on my list! A cute wrapper that says Thanks a Latte for your business this year! Works anytime for your business. And they will be thinking of you the whole time they enjoy it, and think of who else might see them drinking it and ask about you are seen by someone else too! Give that something EXTRA: (get it? haha) DSC_0802 DSC_0801 Something as ordinary as a pack of gum become EXTRAordinary when you put a cute tag on it! Doesn't cost you much to make someone feel appreciated and they will remember you. Eos Lip Balm Gifts: DSC_0818 DSC_0823 DSC_0820 DSC_0827 DSC_0831 DSC_0828 These just might be my most favorite gift to give. They are so fun and different and those lip balms are awesome! They will take that lip balm and use it over and over again for months and you know they are going to remember they got it from your business when it comes with such fun packaging! Holiday designs are available but I have a few that can be used any time of the year. My clients are the bomb, my clients are out of this much fun! All the text can be changed, your business information is right there on the card and the lip balm just twists right onto it to. It's an instant gift! I hope you are inspired by some of the fun business gifts ideas I have shared here. If you are interested in having me create something for your business please email me at I would love to help you out! Even if it's not for the holiday season, many of these items can be customized and changed to work year round. Any time you have people to thank or gifts to give, let me know and we can work together on a fun project that will be affordable for your business and a great memorable item for your clients! If you know of anyone who would appreciate my services, please put me in contact with them!

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