Happy National Coffee Day! I sure do love a warm cup of coffee in the morning. My very favorite creamer is coffee mate Cinnamon Vanilla. Have you ever tried that one? It's amazing, but sadly it's a bit hard to find. I was so excited to see that my local grocery store started carrying it again after years of not having it! I look forward to that every morning. Maybe it's because I don't like to get out of bed and that's the only reason I get up! I am still hoping coffee mate comes up with a Salted Carmel flavor! Coffee Mate are you reading? Make it, it would be a hit!

Anyway I will quit rambling about my beloved coffee! I have some fun things to share today! I made this fun coffee mug especially for National Coffee Day, and I ordered it for myself for fun! I think it's hilarious, and it helps me to not feel so bad about the huge bags under my eyes! They are designer you know! You can find this awesome mug over in my zazzle store.

Designer Bags under my eyes coffee mug
Designer Bags under my eyes coffee mug by AmandaCreation

And I also have a fun freebie for you today too! It's just a cute coffee themed thank you tag. We all have people in our lives that we could thank for various reasons. If that person happens to love coffee, simply tie this tag onto a tin of cookies, or around their favorite latte from Starbucks and you have an instant way to show your gratitude! Just click on the download button below to download the tag. And if you use this tag, snap a picture of it in use, share it on social media and I might just pick you to win a gift card to my store! I want to see you thanking those special people in your life!


download-image 2

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